Dry Process

Dry encapsulation carpet cleaning

American Dream Carpet Cleaning began in 1981 offering steam carpet cleaning in Pinellas County.  We chose not to offer dry cleaning process because we didn’t approve of the methods available in the industry.  That was true until now.

In the 1990s, new polymers began literally encapsulating (crystallizing) soil particles into dry residues on contact, in a process now regarded by the industry as a growing, up-and-coming technology.  Working like “tiny sponges”, the deep-cleaning compound crystals dissolve and absorb dirt prior to its removal from carpet.  Cleaning solution is applied with our Prochem Dry Encapsulation cleaning system.  This unique brush system uses counter-rotating brushes to effectively clean and agitate both sides of the carpet nap.    After drying the residue is then vacuumed from the carpet.  Dry encapsulation avoids the drying time of steam carpet cleaning, making the carpet immediately available for use.

This method of carpet cleaning is becoming more and more popular in commercial carpet maintenance because it allows for much less down time.  It should be used as an interim maintenance method and should be followed periodically (every 3-4 cleanings) by a thorough hot water extraction.  Dry encapsulation carpet cleaning is becoming more popular in residential cleaning for condos in high rise buildings and mobile homes.  The need for periodic hot water extraction applies here as well.

American Dream Carpet Cleaning utilizes the finest dry cleaning agents and the newest, most innovative dry carpet cleaning equipment in Pinellas County, Florida.  Let the professionals at American Dream demonstrate for you this innovative, highly effective cleaning process.  The finished product will pleasantly surprise you.