Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Machines – What Are They and How do They Work?

A Truck mounted carpet cleaner is a carpet and upholstery cleaning unit that is usually mounted to the floor of a van or trailer. Its cleaning method is hot water extraction. The operator at American Dream Carpet Cleaning will park the truck near the premises of the home or office and connect the vacuum hose and solution line hose into the machine, bring the hoses into the building and connect a carpet cleaning wand to the end of the hoses. Many of the other pieces of portable equipment used in Carpet and floor or Upholstery Cleaning is also carried on our fleet of Modern and clean trucks.

Benefits to the client
Typical small machines start off at 16 horse power and range up to 60 horse power Van powered P.T.O. units, the power this provides offers the very best extraction possible.

Truck Mounted units heat their water by one of two methods:
Heat Exchanger: This heating method uses heat naturally generated by the normal operation of the engine and in some cases, vacuum pump components of the system. Typically, water is routed through a “heat exchanger”, which consists of two separate sections. In one section, the heat is routed. In the second section, the water passes through. The two sections share two sides of common surfaces inside the exchanger and therefore heat is transferred from the “heat side” section with higher temperature to the “solution side” section with lower temperature.

Fossil Fuel:  This heating method uses a separate water heater that uses either propane or heating oil as the fuel source to generate heat. This type of unit is usually less expensive to purchase but ultimately more expensive due to the weekly cost of a secondary fuel.

Traditionally, Truck mounted carpet cleaning machines have been more powerful than portable carpet cleaning units. Recent changes in technology have allowed portable manufacturers to approach the previously unsurpassed power of a truck mounted carpet cleaning machines.  The quick setup and relatively easy use of the truck mount makes it the preferred method of carpet and tile cleaning among most professional cleaners. Regrettably the cost, usually between $10,000.00 to $35,000.00 US, makes it cost prohibitive for many professionals. Currently it is estimated that only 28% of professional carpet cleaners use Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Machines. American Dream Carpet Cleaning uses Truck Mounted Machines in Pinellas County.

Main components of the machine
A gasoline or diesel engine powers a high pressure pump and vacuum blower by direct drive. The engine will generally have a starter motor fitted alone with a pull starter and an alternator that charges the battery and supplies 12 volt DC current to all the electrical components. An on demand electrical fuel pump is bolted to the fuel tank or the machine and supplies the carburetor or injectors on the engine with a fuel tank that is normally fitted to the chase of the van to supply the fuel pump. The vacuum blower lifts the dirty water from the carpet and pumps it back to a storage tank on the truck where it is later disposed of in and environmentally proper way.  The high pressure water pump pumps heated water and chemical onto the carpet Heat exchanges or a water heater are fitted to the machine that heat the water up through the exhaust manifold system Or as opposed to a heat exchange some machines have a thermostat controlled boiler that runs on LPG.

A chemical injection system is in place that injects carpet cleaning chemical into the solution line ever on the low pressure or high pressure side depending upon the model of the machine. Most machines have a mixer tank/water box which is a holding tank that store water for the high pressure pump on demand.  Some machines have a magnetic water softener fitted to prevent build up of minerals to protect the pluming components Some systems in America fit a de-ionizer to the plumbing to purify the water to protect the plumbing components and to give greater cleaning effect. A waste tank is fitted to the floor of the van that holds dirty water picked up by the suction hose powered by the vacuum blower Vacuum hoses connect to the carpet cleaning wand that delivers the dirty water to the waste tank and a solution hose that pumps high pressure water and chemical from the high pressure system to the carpet cleaning wand.

Accessories for the machine
Cleaning tools connect to the vacuum and solution hose. Cleaning attachments such as upholstery tools for upholstery cleaning, and power heads and rotary tools for carpet can also be used to further increase productivity and enhanced results on certain carpet types and soil conditions. The attachments to the machine are also an important factor in delivering the right amount of solution and also the extraction of the solution. A well equipped operator will often have a large percentage of the cost of the machine invested in accessories, in order to achieve optimum results. Some of the attachments and a video of one can be seen at
A hose reel can be bolted to the floor of the van for storing the vacuum and solution hoses on. Recently, electric rewind hose reels have been introduced to allow for quicker storage of the hoses.
A main water tank is often fitted to the floor of the van that holds fresh water that supplies water directly to the high pressure pump or the mixer tank. When such a water tank is installed, an on demand supply pump is bolted to the main water tank supplies water to the mixer tank or high pressure pump.

Why is all of this information important to the consumer?

Carpet cleaning professionals like American Dream Carpet Cleaning show a high level of investment in the technology and equipment we use to clean your carpet and flooring surfaces. We are dedicated to bring the very best equipment and therefore service to your door.  The quality of our equipment brings to you the confidence of knowing that our professional staff of technicians has the training and experience to use this equipment with the utmost of care.  We have been cleaning carpets and flooring in the Tampa Bay and Pinellas County area for many years and we think that our services is the very best and most reliable in the area.

Please call us today to get a no obligation quote or to simply ask about the carpet and flooring cleaning and refinishing services we offer.