Water Damage Restoration

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When disaster strikes your home or business you might feel helpless or devastated.  You need a team of professionals that can step Let American Dream Clean Up Your Floodin immediately and take charge of the situation.  You need the professionals at American Dream Carpet Cleaning.

We have been providing emergency water extraction services for Pinellas County since 1981.  Whether your water damage is the result of pipe breakage, sewage backup, flood, roof leak or hurricane.

American Dream can handle any size job with 24 hour/7 day availability and response.   When water damage occurs, immediate response is imperative to prevent potential damages such as mold growthStructural drying must begin immediately after water damage is discovered to reduce possible reconstruction costs.  We will work directly with insurance agents and adjusters to assure that you have prompt attention to your needs.

At American Dream you’ll find state-of-the-art equipment to handle your flood emergency from removal to completion of the drying process:

  • Powerful truck mounted extraction systems
  • Infrared thermal imaging cameras for moisture detection
  • Turbo fans
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air Scrubbers to clean the air
  • Wall injector systems to dry out walls to help avoid mold growth

American Dream Carpet Cleaning has the knowledge, experience, highly skilled personnel and the finest equipment to handle your water damage restoration. When your next emergency happens, “Who you gonna call?”

Call the professionals at American Dream!