Dust Mites, Itchy Mattress? Sneezing in the Night? – Cleaning Tips – American Dream Carpet Cleaning

Do you or a family member ever wake up from a night’s sleep with itchy or red skin and  eyes?

Or have you been having a stuffed up nose, sneezing, wheezing, tightness in the chest, headaches, or a sinus ache? Maybe you have been noticing a feeling of fatigue even though you’ve just woken up?

You or your loved one could be one of the 50 MILLION Americans that suffer from some kind of allergy.

Many times the reason is the millions of dust mites that made a home for themselves in your mattress, and are feeding on the dead skin cell flakes all humans shed.

Many dust allergies stem from dust mites. Menacing as they appear, it’s technically not the dust mites themselves that cause the problem – it’s the droppings they leave! Yes. On and in your mattress. After they eat your dead skin cells. That’s what they do.

As disgusting as this may sound it’’s quite common. No need to panic and throw out that expensive mattress set. 

The best way to kill dust mites and remove dust mite droppings is by getting a professional mattress cleaning company to clean and sanitize your mattress.Dust_Mite-500

American Dream Carpet Cleaning in Pinellas County, Florida specializes in eliminating dust mites as well as other allergens and bacteria.  So keep that mattress set that you love and let the professionals at American Dream Carpet Cleaning remove the irritants and bacteria from them.  Soon you’ll be returning to the comfortable, relaxing and much needed night’s rest that you deserve.

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